• The Real Lounge (map)
  • 112 W Front St
  • Missoula, Mt, 59802
  • United States

Why let your night end after Grandthef at Stage 11?  Keep the party going all night long right down the stairs with the West Coast Take Over Crew! Coming at you Live, Hailing from Los Angeles, California!

West Coast Takeover 4

With three outrageous Montana mini tours under his belt, it is time for round four. Konfadense, constantly pushing the boundaries by bringing to the Big Sky State, new up and coming, real, artists from Los Angeles.  It is always a refreshing taste to see who comes along each round. A show not to be missed.


Founder of WCTO, Productrion Manager for SMOG records, Konfadense (aka Spence) was born and raised in Kalispell, MT and was always his goal to bring back dope music to his community of kinsmen. 
Like a mixture of Andrew W.K. and Caspa, the sounds are all over, but the vibe is just right. 


A welcome face to dance floors all over California, Steady is a solid contributor to West Coast dubstep whose productions and performances passionately promote the sound. After playing drum and bass for almost a decade, Steady caught the dubstep contagion and was soon inducted into the SMOG family with the rest of the beat freaks. Joining the likes of Antiserum, 12th Planet, Flinch, Protohype and the rest of the SMOG CITY Crew on tour in 2014. Steady is one to wow the masses with style.

Watch Steady on the SMOG CITY TOUR here: 


Already a member of the highly-touted Pure Filth Soundsystem before he could legally drink, Homage was raised by the Los Angeles bass scene. Homage produces like a true soundboy, using a wide array of well-placed noises to compliment his massive basslines. His DJing has earned him gigs on several of LA's best-known bass parties, including a residency at Dub Club's Rumble in the Jungle. 




Five bucks. ($5)

1:00 - 4:00 AM | March 13th, 2015
The Real Loung below Stage 112 
112 Front Street | Missoula, Montana